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Detailed features and roadmap


The goals of the Popsell programme are:

  • Commerce: Increase Aquisition + Conversion + Loyalty

  • Customer Experience: Making the Customer Experience Premium

  • Sales Teams: Leveraging teams and enhancing their impact

The platform has been entirely designed to be:

  • Omnichannel: Digital + tailored for Store and Phygital sales

  • Long-term: Based on the concepts of Direct Selling to build a close, long-term relationship


The Popsell platform is made up of three different components:

  1. Popsell App:

    1. A Web App dedicated to vendors and Brand ambassadors (Progressive Web App).

    2. This App can also be configured as a Social Commerce platform including basket and purchase tunnel.

  2. Popsell Manager: a Web platform to monitor activity using dashboards, and to configure and manage the programme

  3. Widgets: Web components to be embedded into the Brand e-commerce platform.


3 types of implementation are addressed by the platform, depending on which functionalities are activated. The platform covers 3 typical scenarios :

  • Retail and e-Commerce RET,

  • Direct Selling DS,

  • Social Commerce SC

Core Features

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Comments / Roadmap


Members profile

Members profile with :

  • name or pseudo, photo, self-presentation,

  • localisation and/or home shop,

  • feed of the member's own publications

  • products lists, member’s owned products and recommended products. (DS & SC only)

[App / Widget]

Profile is displayed inside the App, displayed inside the Community Widget, and can be displayed on a dedicated profile page on the Brand website.

Members Lists and Search


  • by name,

  • by location

Sorting order:

  • alphabetical

  • by availability

  • by location distance

[App / Widget]

Members' Map

Zooming and grouping members and/or stores on the map.



  • Private publications [App]

  • Public publications [App / Widget]

    • Shareable on social networks and by email,

    • Displayed on e-commerce sites,

  • Brand publications [App only]

  • Quizzes [App only]

Email sharing not used at HO

Community Feed

Multiple feeds based on Hashtags or categories


Not used at HO

App Social features

  • Likes,

  • Comments,

  • Hashtags,

  • @Mentions,

  • Follow posts,

  • Report a post

  • Push notifications.


Social widgets

  • Member’s publication feed on the member’s profile

  • Members’ publications displayed on product pages (according to product reference, hashtags or product categories)

  • Social Wall

  • Manual moderation of publications (to select which publications can be displayed on the e-commerce site)



Community feed displayed on the Community widget (not planned).

Publication widgets overhaul (2024)

Partially used by HO (on member’s profile but not on product pages and not on social wall)

Widget social features

  • Like and comments from Members displayed (read only)

  • Roadmap 2024 : enabling like and comments by visitors


Roadmap 2024:

Enabling Likes and comments creation by visitors

GenAI automatic moderation of visitors comments



User Generated Content linked to a publication:

  • Upload of Images and YouTube videos

  • Native videos and streaming : 2024 roadmap

[App / Widget]

Roadmap : Native videos and streaming in the App and in the Widgets (Q1 2024)

Brand content

Brand image and video library, for re-use in publications


Not used at HO


  • Products attached to a publication

[App / Widget]



Enhancement of the current system to display products as the video plays (shoppable videos). May be planned in the roadmap if required.


Product Catalog

  • Brand product catalog

  • Multi-level categories

  • Brand product catalog synchronisation via APIs

  • Brand product picking from e-commerce Product pages


Product catalog not used at HO; only product picking from embedded HO web site


  • Product catalog on Members’s profiles

  • Member’s owned products

  • Member’s recommended products

[App / Widget]

Not used at HO

Product pages

Product pages with photos, description and prices

(Social Commerce scenario only; otherwise redirected to product pages on the brand site)


Not used at HO (redirection to the HO website)

Online order

Shopping basket and tunnel (Social Commerce scenario only).

The shopping tunnel is based on the Brand’s e-commerce platform which is embedded in the Popsell App.

Currently available platforms: Prestashop and Shopify.


Not used at HO



  • List of prospects and clients

  • Synchronisation of contact databases from external platforms via APIs


Not used at HO


Direct Selling scenarios : contacts attached to a sales rep (his network)

Retail scenarios: customers attached to a store and linked to the store manager or another store employee.


  • Personalized emailing campaigns by Members

  • Emailing performance dashboards


Not used at HO.

Roadmap: email design revamping (2024)


Multi-channel tracking

  • Tracking of incoming traffic to the Popsell App and e-commerce sites, driven by shares, publications on social networks and emailing

  • Tracking of online sales generated

  • Tracking of instore purchase generated

  • Tracking of phygital sales (direct selling or B2B scenarios)

[App / Widget]

More info here: Sales tracking and attribution rules


Community chat

  • 1/1 conversations between Members

  • Group conversations between Members

  • Photo and video sharing

  • 3 chat windows side by side on desktop


Widget chat

  • 1/1 conversations between a Member and a Visitor

  • Photo and video sharing

  • Product sharing

  • List of recommended products

  • Mini product page embedded into the chat window

  • Data entry assistance

  • Ask for a rating

  • Block a user

  • Visitor’s browsing history: planned in Q1 2024

[App / Widget]


Visitor’s browsing history (Q1 2024)

Gen AI conversation summary (2024)

Gen AI conversation analysis and alerts (2024)

Gen AI copilot (2024). Based on browsing history and ongoing conversation. Trained on brand catalog and past conversations.

Live video

  • Live video, one way / two ways,

  • Voice chat.

Live video is not yet available (planned in 2024)

[App / Widget]


Live voice and video (H1 2024)

Not used by HO, they prefer to use short video sharing.

Waiting List

  • New visitor requests are appended to a waiting list, where members can handle the requests when they are available

  • Push notifications sent to Members when new requests arise

  • Waiting list distribution rules to ensure conversations are properly distributed between Members

[App / Widget]

Direct requests

  • List of Members sorted by availability or location distance

  • Search of a Member by location (City or Store)

  • Direct chat with a Member

  • Push notification sent to the Member for each unread message

[App / Widget]

Endless conversations

  • Conversations can be resumed at any time by the visitor or the member

  • Designed for long-term relationship

[App / Widget]

Conversation Hook

  • Visitors “hot list” : identification of the visitors who are the most likely to buy

  • A member can proactively canvass site visitors.

[App / Widget]

More info here: Conversations | Conversation hook - functional specifications


Overhaul of the system to optimise the time spent by advisers (Q2 2024)


Dedicated Member

  • A customer can be assigned to a Member (Favorite or dedicated Member)

    • Following automatic rules

    • Chosen by the customer

  • Dedicated vendor (Direct selling or B2B scenarios)

  • Multi-level network (Direct selling)

[App / Widget]

Favorite member can be chosen at HO, but no use is made of it (and no automatic assignment following a call or an affiliation click).

Outbound marketing

The Member can reach out his dedicated customers

  • by pursuing a conversation initiated on the web

  • by contacting a visitor met in a shop

  • by sending personalized publications on social medias or by email

[App / Widget]

Not used at HO

Roadmap: enable sending personalized emailing campaigns based on dedicated customers based on the same principle as contacts (see CRM section). (2024)

Collect email and opt-in to enable contact by member or following an in-store visit (2024).



  • Gamification score

  • Gamification levels and badges

  • Rewards

    • Commissions

    • Gifts, Vouchers



Custom challenges programmed according to rules based on Member’s actions:

  • Activity

  • Publications

  • Affiliation (clicks and trafic)

  • Emailing campaigns

  • Conversations

  • Ratings

  • Number of sales

  • Sales amount

  • Member’s sponsorship


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