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Core features of the Popsell platform


The goals of the Popsell programme are:

  • Commerce: Increase Aquisition + Conversion + Loyalty

  • Customer Experience: Making the Customer Experience Premium

  • Sales Teams: Leveraging teams and enhancing their impact

The platform has been entirely designed to be:

  • Omnichannel: Digital + tailored for Store and Phygital sales

  • Long-term: Based on the concepts of Direct Selling to build a close, long-term relationship


The Popsell platform is made up of three different components:

  1. Popsell App:

    1. A Web App dedicated to vendors and Brand ambassadors (Progressive Web App).

    2. This App can also be configured as a Social Commerce platform including basket and purchase tunnel.

  2. Popsell Manager: a Web platform to monitor activity using dashboards, and to configure and manage the programme

  3. Widgets: Web components to be embedded into the Brand e-commerce platform.

Core Features

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Members profile

Members profile with :

  • name or pseudo, photo, self-presentation,

  • localisation and/or home shop,

  • feed of the member's own publications

  • products lists, member’s owned products and recommended products.

[App / Widget]

Members Lists and Search


  • by name,

  • by location

Sorting order:

  • alphabetical

  • by availability

  • by location distance

[App / Widget]

Members' Map

Zooming and grouping members on the map.



  • Private publications [App]

  • Public publications [App / Widget]

    • Shareable on social networks and by email,

    • Displayed on e-commerce sites,

  • Brand publications [App only]

  • Quizzes [App only]

Community Feed

Multiple feeds based on Hashtags or categories


Social features

  • Likes,

  • Comments,

  • Hashtags,

  • @Mentions,

  • Follow posts,

  • Report a post

  • Push notifications.




User Generated Content linked to a publication:

  • Upload of Images and YouTube videos

  • Native videos and streaming : Q4 23 roadmap

[App / Widget]

Brand content

Brand image and video library, for re-use in publications



  • Products attached to a publication

[App / Widget]




Product Catalog

  • Brand product catalog

  • Multi-level categories

  • Brand product catalog synchronisation via APIs

  • Brand product picking from e-commerce Product pages



  • Product catalog on Members’s profiles

  • Member’s owned products

  • Member’s recommended products

[App / Widget]

Product pages

Product pages with photos, description and prices

(Social Commerce scenario only; otherwise redirected to product pages on the brand site)


Online order

Shopping basket and tunnel (Social Commerce scenario only).

The shopping tunnel is based on the Brand’s e-commerce platform which is embedded in the Popsell App.

Currently available platforms: Prestashop and Shopify.




  • List of prospects and clients

  • Synchronisation of contact databases from external platforms via APIs



  • Personalized emailing campaigns by Members

  • Emailing performance dashboards



Multi-channel tracking

  • Tracking of incoming traffic to the Popsell App and e-commerce sites, driven by shares, publications on social networks and emailing

  • Tracking of online sales generated

  • Tracking of instore purchase generated

  • Tracking of phygital sales (direct selling or B2B scenarios)

[App / Widget]

More info here: Sales tracking and attribution rules


Community chat

  • 1/1 conversations between Members

  • Group conversations between Members

  • Photo and video sharing

  • 3 chat windows side by side on desktop


Widget chat

  • 1/1 conversations between a Member and a Visitor

  • Photo and video sharing

  • Product sharing

  • List of recommended products

  • Mini product page embedded into the chat window

  • Data entry assistance

  • Ask for a rating

  • Block a user

  • Visitor’s browsing history: planned in Q1 2024

[App / Widget]

Live video

Live video is not yet available (planned in Q1 2024)

[App / Widget]

Waiting List

  • New visitor requests are appended to a waiting list, where members can handle the requests when they are available

  • Push notifications sent to Members when new requests arise

[App / Widget]

Direct requests

  • List of Members sorted by availability or location distance

  • Search of a Member by location (City or Store)

  • Direct chat with a Member

  • Push notification sent to the Member for each unread message

[App / Widget]

Endless conversations

  • Conversations can be resumed at any time by the visitor or the member

  • Designed for long-term relationship

[App / Widget]

Conversation Hook

  • Visitors “hot list” : identification of the visitors who are the most likely to buy

  • A member can proactively canvass site visitors.

[App / Widget]

More info here: Conversations | Conversation hook - functional specifications


Dedicated Member

  • A customer can be assigned to a Member (Favorite or dedicated Member)

    • Following automatic rules

    • Chosen by the customer

  • Dedicated vendor (Direct selling or B2B scenarios)

  • Multi-level network (Direct selling)

[App / Widget]

Outbound marketing

The Member can reach out his dedicated customers

  • by pursuing a conversation initiated on the web

  • by contacting a visitor met in a shop

  • by sending personalized publications on social medias or by email

[App / Widget]



  • Gamification score

  • Gamification levels and badges

  • Rewards

    • Commissions

    • Gifts, Vouchers



Custom challenges programmed according to rules based on Member’s actions:

  • Activity

  • Publications

  • Clicks and trafic

  • Emailing campaigns

  • Conversations

  • Ratings

  • Number of sales

  • Sales amount


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