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Order processing

Order synchronisation

Sales (web orders, store purchases or direct sales) are exported to Popsell in different ways:

  • In real time, through web hooks at the end of the purchase process on an e-commerce site: please refer to Order Tracking Tag

  • Through an export process (via APIs or FTP file transfer)

Order status

Orders can be synchronised in the Popsell database with different status:

  • Pending (prior to confirmation) : the order is not yet confirmed, i.e:

    • pending payment,

    • awaiting withdrawal period,

    • awaiting a cheque,

    • etc.

  • Confirmed: the order has been paid and validated (status = 'OK'), the member can be rewarded.

  • Follow-up (after the confirmation) : the order can be been fulfilled, sent, delivered, cancelled, returned, refunded, etc.

Order status history

Popsell keeps track of the successive status of an order. Depending on the values that can be found in the status history, an order can be in 2 different states:

  • Has OK: the order may be OK or has been in an OK status previously, for example prior to being cancelled. This means that this order has been processed by the gamification engine.

  • Never OK: the order has never been in an OK status :

    • The order is still pending,

    • or the order has been directly sent as “Cancelled” to Popsell. This case could occur for example if a purchase in a store is made and cancelled on the same day, prior to being synchronised with Popsell.

The only possible value of a confirmed status in the ‘Order’ table is 'OK'
All other values come from the external sales system and are imported as is into the Popsell database.

Attribution rules

When a member has been identified as a contributor to an order (through affiliation or a conversation), he is immediately assigned to the order, regardless of its status.


An order challenge will be triggered as soon as the order status is confirmed ('OK'). Thus all ‘Has OK' orders are processed by the Gamification engine.

Once a challenge has been processed, there is no turning back, the challenges and rewards remain even if the order status changes later on.

If a brand does not want to reward cancelled orders, the only way to proceed is to wait for the withdrawal period, and send the ‘OK’ status of the order when it is definitely confirmed.

Members’ dashboard

In current version, the member’s list of orders (“My orders”) and his dashboard (“My activity”) only displays orders “Has OK”.

In future versions, we might offer the option to display all pending orders also.

Popsell Manager’s dashboards

In current version, all the sales KPIs available on the Popsell Manager dashboards are displayed regardless of the order status.

In future versions, we will display the orders with charts by status, or filters according to their status.

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