Applies to Popsell platforms starting with V4.4


Purpose of the conversational program

The Popsell platform enables Brand Ambassadors to chat with each other inside of the Popsell community, and to chat with customers visiting the Brand website. Thanks to the “Popsell Community Widget”, customers visiting an e-commerce website can be put in touch with Brand Ambassadors, who will advise them via chat or video.

When a conversation occurs, the Brand ambassador can be rewarded if an order is placed. In addition to online orders, Popsell is also able to track in-store purchase.

Conversation threads and segments

The Popsell Instant Messaging platform works as an endless conversation thread. The principle is similar to that of platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. When a conversation occurs between two ambassadors, or between an ambassador and a customer, it can be resumed at anytime.

Solely in the case of a conversation between an ambassador and a customer, a “segment” of conversation can be created to identify a product advice conversation, and to allow the ambassador to be rewarded if a purchase is made. A segment is created each time the ambassador sends a request for a rating: the beginning of the segment refers to the first message exchanged, and the end of the segment refers to the rating request.

Rewarding the conversations

The segments enables:

  • To reward conversations which occurs between an Ambassador and a customer,

  • To reward the sales generated online on the e-Commerce web site or in shop.

Ambassadors are encouraged to ask for a rating, as this is the condition for creating a segment and receiving their rewards.

Sales attribution

Real-time and offline attribution

When orders are placed online, a first check is made whether a conversation was made.

When an order is placed online, an initial check is made to see if a conversation had already taken place, and a segment created. If so, the sale is attributed to the Ambassador.

Every night, another check is performed to check whether an order has been placed before the segment has been created. For example, if an ambassador helps the customer until he has finished placing his order, the conversation ends after the order, and the segment is created after the order. But as the conversation started before the order was placed, the sale is attributed to the Ambassador (the attribution is based on the email address of the customer).

Of course, an online order or an in-store purchase will be attributed only if the conversation was initiated before the time of purchase.

In-store purchase

If store purchases are synchronised with the Popsell platform, a night check can be performed, based on the identification of the customer (thanks to his email address).
If a conversation was made on line prior to the purchase, the sale is attributed to the Ambassador.

Attribution conflicts

Should a customer chat with two different ambassadors before placing his order, the sale is attributed to the conversation that ends last.

Should a customer chat with an ambassador (and ends the conversation before the order is placed), and then chats with a second ambassador during the order process, the real-time process will attribute the sale to the first ambassador.

The night process will not change the attribution to the second ambassador, as the first one will have already been warned and rewarded.

This case might seem unfair, but it should occur extremely rarely :

  • Based on known KPIs, only approx. 10% of orders occur during the conversation.

  • Less than 15% of customers are having more than 1 conversation prior to placing their order,

  • and in more than half the cases, the conversation occurs with the same ambassador.

→ This case therefore concerns well under 1% of orders