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Affiliation vs Conversational programs

Definition of the Affiliation and the Conversational programs

Two different programs coexist on the Popsell platform :

Affiliation program

  • Members of the program (e.g. brand ambassadors and vendors) can publish and share Brand and user generated content to their friends, family or customers, with the aim of generating traffic and sales.

  • This content is shared :

    • On social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp …, or by sending email campaigns,

    • On the Popsell App (Social Commerce scenarios),

    • On the Brand Web site (through Popsell Widgets embedded on the web site).

  • Popsell tracks :

    • The incoming traffic generated to the Popsell App

    • The incoming traffic generated to the Brand Web site

    • The orders placed on the Popsell App (Social commerce scenarios only)

    • The orders placed on the Brand Web Site

Conversational program

  • Members can chat with visitors of the Popsell App or visitors of the Brand web site.

  • Popsell measures conversations with visitors on the brand's website and checks whether sales are generated as a result of these conversations

Multichannel tracking

Popsell is able to track whether purchases have been made online or in-store, as a result of posting actions or conversations.

The tracking of online traffic and sales is managed automatically through the Popsell tags and widgets. Please refer to Order Tracking Tag for sales tracking.
The tracking of the sales generated in-store is set up in a specific way with the POS system, and has to be treated on a case by case basis with the technical team of Popsell.

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