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Popsell Bootstrapper Tag [Prerequisite]

This Bootstrapper is required for all the tags and widgets since Popsell 4.4.

Installation of the Bootstrapper Tag

In order to use Popsell’s widgets, whatever scenario is used, you first need to import Popsell’s Bootstrapper.

The Bootstrapper URL depends on the targeted platform (i.e. production, staging, development)





<script type="text/javascript"

The defer attribute is optional, but recommended to avoid slowing down the loading of your pages.
On the other hand, if you wish to accelerate the execution of the widgets (displaying publications, enabling conversations …), you may want to remove this attribute, or use the async attribute and load the boostrapper wherever you want on the page.

→ Once this script is added, you’ll be able to add Popsell’s tags or widgets.
Please refer to the next articles, depending on the scenario to be integrated.

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