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This document contains all the definitions of terms and concepts used in the Popsell programme.





Members are the users who have been granted access to the Popsell App. They must register and accept the Popsell Terms and Conditions.


A customer or influencer who acts as a Brand promoter or simply participate in the Brand community.


A brand employee, usually an employee working at head office.


An employee whose role is to manage the Popsell program, and who usually also accesses the Popsell Manager


A shop assistant, a sales representative or a direct seller.

Shop Manager

A shop manager.


Can be used to match different manager profiles.


Can be used to match different experts.

(External Users)

Visitors or External users only interact with Popsell through widgets embedded in a Brand website. They must accept a specific Popsell Widget Policy.


Visitors authenticated through an external account, usually a Brand account on an e-commerce website.

Temporary accounts

Anonymous visitors, unauthenticated.

These visitors can be:

  • Anonymous: no personal data has been collected

  • Email collected: their email has been collected by Popsell for a temporary and limited usage


Contacts are customers or prospects attached to a Member and used as part of the CRM integrated into the Popsell platform.

Contacts may receive Members' publications sent by email, but never have access to the Pospell App. They must opt-in to receive Member’s publications.

Popsell Manager users

These are the users who have been granted access to the Popsell Manager platform.


They have a read-only access to all data and dashboards.


They have an access to the dashboards and a full editing access to all the brand data managed by Popsell.


They have an Editor access + an editing access to all the parameters and configuration of the Popsell program

More detailed information about Users and how their data is processed is available here:
Data Protection Guide

Important notice: In Popsell v1 to v3, Popsell App users were all called “Ambassadors”. Since Popsell v4, Ambassadors have become a sub-category of “Members”. That’s why the term “Ambassador” is still used in databases, variable names, and in API end-points, but it applies to all Members.





Mechanism by which traffic is generated by Members following the sharing of a link or a publication created on the Popsell platform.


A publication is a content created by a Member, which may include text, photos or videos. A publication can be displayed on a Brand’s web site via the Popsell widgets, on the Popsell App, or can be shared by email or on the social networks.


The origin of the traffic generated by a link or a publication, e.g. email, Facebook, LinkedIn, QR Code.


The page targeted, usually on the Brand website or on the Popsell App.
It can be a Member’s profile, a Publication, a Product page etc.

For details please refer to Affiliation | Tracking Data model | TARGET


User Generated Content: Members have written publications themselves, containing their own photos or videos.


Visits are brought by publications or links shared by the Members. Visits can lead to the brand's website, to the Popsell App, to a shop or a direct sale.

In most of the cases, visits are clicks on social media posts or emails, but it can also be a QR code scan, an invitation brought to a physical event or visit in a shop.

External visits

Visits were brought from a source outside Popsell. They are considered as a source of traffic.

Internal visits

Visits were brought from inside of the Popsell App, or from Popsell widgets embedded inside the Brand website. Thus they are not seen as a source of new traffic, but simply as an enabler of sales conversion.





This is a generic term used to designate all conversations taking place on the platform, whether or not messages are exchanged.

Conversation request

A visitor has made a request for a conversation. A request is not yet a conversation, and may never become one if the visitor gives up before it is handled [FR: Demande de conversation]


It's a kind of conversation in which both parties (visitor and member) have written at least one message each


The original action that triggered the conversation request:

Waiting list request

A visitor has made a request for a conversation through the waiting list, i.e. without choosing a specific member [FR: Demande via la liste d’attente]

Direct request

A visitor has chosen a specific member and has clicked on a button to engage a conversation [FR: Demande directe ou conversation directe]

Hook request

A visitor has clicked on the hook bubble to chat with the member [FR: Demande sollicitée]


A visitor and a member iniated the conversation during a real-life meeting, in a store or during a party for example.

Request handled

a member has picked up a pending request from the waiting list. This does not mean at this stage that messages have been exchanged [FR: Demande prise en charge]

Handling time

time elapsed between the time a visitor initiates a conversation request on the waiting list and the time it is handled by a member [FR: Temps de prise en charge]

Time to establish a dialogue

time elapsed between the start of the conversation (request for a direct conversation or handling of a request in the waiting list), and the time when the two parties have each written a message [FR: Temps d'établissement du dialogue]

Total dialogue conversion time

time elapsed between the initial request by the visitor, and the time the two parties have each written a message [FR: Temps total de conversion en dialogue]

Dialogue duration

Time between the start of the conversation and the last message.

Active conversation vs New conversation

A new conversation has been initiated in the given period. An active conversation has at least one message created within the given period, but may have been initiated long before.

Active dialogue vs New dialogue

Same definition as above, but regarding dialogues.

Ongoing conversation

An ongoing conversation is a conversation where at least one message has been created in the past 5 minutes.

Note: in Popsell, all conversations are endless and can be resumed at any time. Closing a conversation never occurs.

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